Your AI chat companion for WhatsApp/ Telegram

Do you want an AI friend on WhatsApp & Telegram to answer all your questions ? Roger will revolutionize the way you find answers, discuss the latest news & chat with an artificial intelligence companion. Give the brilliance of Roger a try& discover intelligent conversation.

This Bad Boy is programmed to be witty, charming and always ready for a good time 💖

With Roger, you'll never have to worry about mundane small talk or stale conversations ever again. This cutting-edge AI technology is designed to understand your preferences, tailor its responses to your personality, and even learn from your conversations to better anticipate your needs

How to use Roger

Step 1

Add your Country and State. To keep Roger free and unlimited we might have to serve a few ads. Not too much just to keep the lights on and Roger chatting.

Step 2

Use Roger in the same way you chat with any of your friends. Roger understands your quips and nuance, so go ahead and chat like you would with a friend.

Step 3

Share the link with your friends to get them in on the fun.

Step 4

We do not store or view your chat with Roger. You have absolute privacy and Roger will never judge you.